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                                                                              COMPANY Zhejiang Hongzhen Machinery & Mould Group Co., Ltd
                                                                              History 20+ Years
                                                                              Registered Capital 20 Million Dollars
                                                                              Employees 700+
                                                                              Enginners 170+
                                                                              Main Products
                                                                              Member of CHINA Packaging industry association、ISO9001 APPROVED、CE APPROVED
                                                                              Honors National 86 patents and five international gold medal
                                                                              • Zhejiang Hongzhen Machine Mould Group Co., Ltd is ISO 9001 and CE international quality authentication enterprise,the registration fund is USD:8,400,000 Dollar. Has had more than 20 years blow moulding machine and different plastic injection mould manufacture history.Today the company product successively attains the national 86 patents and 5 international awards.

                                                                                The company existing staff 700 people,center,the high-level title technical personnel has more than 150 people.

                                                                                The company professional in Fully-automatic PET blow moulding machine,semi automatic blow moulding machine,HDPE/PP/PC extrusion blow moulding machine,high-speed no toggle precession plastic injection machine,extrusion blow mould,hot runner PET perform mould,cap mould,houseware mould.These are the main product in drinking bottle industry, pharmaceutical packing and plastic product industy.The company adopts the main production equipment utilization world first-class CAD/ CAM/CAE technology to improve qualities and develop the new products.

                                                                                The company established good reputation in the world-wide.The product is selling to more the 110 countries and the area. The company organized HuangYan Plastic mechanical mould vocational school,Trains the specialized techniacal talented person for the society and the company.

                                                                                The company for unceasingly satisfies the customer the request,plans for the customer prepares for construction bottle production line and plastic product manufacture as TURN-KEY WORK.

                                                                                "Creates the first-class product quality,lets the customer trust the satisfaction"is company's quality policy.You are always welcome to Hongzhen Group!
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